113,000 Kids Have Lost a Parent or Care Giver in Pandemic as Life Expectancy Sees Most Severe Drop Since WWII

COVID-19 vaccine in a gloved handCOVID-19 vaccine in a gloved hand
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A recent study estimates that over 100,000 children have lost guardians due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with a disproportionate amount being within communities of color.

COVID-19 has provided the most significant drop in overall life expectancy since World War II.

The CDC estimates one and a half years have been shaved off of adult life expectancy as a whole, but noted that Black and Latinx populations have lost an average of three years, according to CBS News

With this has come high numbers of children who have lost their parents or caregivers. 

Lancet estimates around 113,000 children are suffering from grief in relation to losing a parent or guardian to the virus.

According to the study, a majority of the children dealing with these losses are under 10 years old.

Twenty percent of the grieving children are from the Black community, exemplifying the racial disparities within the COVID-19 mortality rates.

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