After 10 Years of Never Being Groomed, This Two-Legged Poodle Underwent an Incredible Transformation

A homeless poodle transformed after it built up 10 pounds of matted hair over the years.

After 10 years of never being groomed by his homeless owners, this toy poodle has undergone an incredible transformation.

Synergy Animal Rescue took in the pup named Bobb and began shaving off his tightly matted fur.

His condition was so extreme that his body actually self-amputated one of his legs when the matting cut off his circulation. A front paw was dangling off so it was amputated by vets.

Most of his teeth also had to be pulled as they were rotting.

Following his haircut, he looked unrecognizable.

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Bobb was taken in by Megan Lundberg, who told INSIDE EDITION that they have enquired about prosthetics, but it will most likely not be possible since it would cause him too much pain. Instead, he gets around by hopping on his two legs.

But Bobb has fully recovered mentally and emotionally. He's very playful, especially with his favorite stuffed lamb toy, she said.

“Within a month we were seeing signs of him relaxing, settling in, and learning how fun it is to be a dog. He started to show signs of play, and he became more curious and wanted to explore and investigate his new world more,” she said.

She said that he is now a changed pup.

"When we adopted him, we could tell he had fully recovered mentally and emotionally," she said. "He is so playful and feisty!"

To keep his body strong, he will now begin physical therapy, she said.

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It's wonderful to see that he has found a forever home. To follow his story, you can find him on Facebook.

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