Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton Committed a Crime in Email Scandal

Donald Trump is sparking a war of words calling Hillary Clinton's actions in her email scandal 'criminal.'

Donald Trump has said Hillary Clinton's actions in her email scandal were criminal.

Two classified messages found in emails she turned over to the State Department were "top secret," it has emerged.

Servers she used in her home for official government business were given to the FBI.

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She has repeatedly denied she used her personal email account for classified material.

"Department employees circulated these emails on unclassified systems in 2009 and 2011 and ultimately some were forwarded to Secretary Clinton," said State Department spokesman John Kirby. "They were not marked as classified."

Trump said on Tuesday night that she might get away with the scandal.

"She committed a crime," he said. "[But] Democrats are all the prosecutors."

He lashed out at the Clintons as he sat down with Sean Hannity on Tuesday night. 

He said that he's prepared to mention the sex scandals that dogged Bill Clinton's presidency if he battles Hillary for the White House.

Hannity asked him: “If it's you versus Hillary, is that fair game that issue?”

He replied: “I guess it is. He would have had a much different presidency if he didn't have Monica and all of these things that happened during his...”

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Hannity then interjected saying: “More than Monica, Paula Jones, Juanita Broadderick.”

“If anything, they won't be doing too much talking about it. Certainly it's fair game,” Trump fired back.

And there is more bad news for Hillary.

A small-sample poll by Boston Herald/Franklin Pierce University puts her in second place behind Vermont senator Bernie Sanders - showing Sanders at 44% and Hillary at 37%.

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