Kelly Rutherford on Custody Battle: My Children's Voices 'Have Not Been Heard'

Kelly Rutherford speaks out for the first time since a judge ordered her children to be sent back to their father in Monaco.

Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford is speaking out for the first time since a judge ordered her children to be sent back to their father in Monaco.  

“I'm just trying to process everything, understand it and make sense of it. I just feel like their voices have not been heard,” she said on Good Morning America.

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Rutherford is battling her ex-husband over custody of the children, eight-year-old son Hermes and six-year-old daughter Helena. The children live with their father, Daniel Giersch, in Monaco but spent the summer with Rutherford in New York.

When Rutherford refused to send them back to be with their dad, he accused her of abducting the children.

“I was accused of things I was not able to even defend,” she told Robin Roberts on GMA.

“You were accused of kidnapping,” said Roberts.

“Yes, which I think is when no one knows where their children are. I was in communication with him, the kids were Skyping with him every day,” said Rutherford.

Roberts asked what it was like when the children were taken away from her earlier this week.

"I'm glad they didn't have any notice in a way. I think it would have been harder," said Rutherford, adding that she had spoken to them since.

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Rutherford has been fighting this international tug-of-love for six years since her split from Giersch.

Her attorney Wendy Murphy claims the children's father was only supposed to keep the children in Monaco temporarily.

A lawyer for Rutherford’s ex-husband told us that he will not respond to “Kelly’s latest round of false statements to the media.”

There will be another hearing in the custody case September 3 in Monaco.

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