Watch Screaming Passenger Get Kicked Off Plane After Allegedly Refusing to Put Her Dog in a Carrier

An irate woman was escorted off a SkyWest flight after arguing with attendants over her dog.

An airline passenger was kicked off a plane when her dog reportedly snapped at flight attendants on a SouthWest flight leaving Salt Lake City.

The woman allegedly refused to place the dog in a carrier. The plane, which was headed for Chicago, returned to the gate.

Police boarded the plane. “Is this your dog?” they asked the woman.

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“Yes, it's my dog,” she said.

“Okay. The captain's requesting that you get off the plane. So you'll need to take your dog with you,” police said.

“And I want my money back before I get off this plane,” demanded the woman.

“No, you're going to get off first and then you can discuss getting a refund,” cops said.

That's when things got heated. “You're holding up this whole plane,” said the officer.

“I don't care. You're holding me up!” said the woman.

“Hey, you're gonna go to jail,” said the officer.

“I'm not gonna go to jail, mister. You're looking to the wrong lady,” snapped the woman. “Don't you take my dog, you louse!”

“Stand up, please,” an officer said to her.

“You take my dog and I'm gonna sue this country!” said the owner.

Fellow passenger Andrew Downie, who shot the video, told INSIDE EDITION, "The woman starts screaming, 'I'm not going to put the dog in the carrier. This is my baby. I'll have your job."

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The officers managed to get the passenger out of her seat. Then, as her elderly travelling companion leaves, you can hear the woman screaming.

“Help! Help! Help! Help!” she yelled. The woman was led away in handcuffs.

Paula Froelich, editor in chief of Yahoo! Travel, told INSIDE EDITION, “If you find yourself on a plane and cops are called because of something you are doing, you can pretty much bet that you are doing something wrong, and you need to stop it immediately.”

The airline told INSIDE EDITION, "A passenger refused to comply with safety rules regarding inflight transportation of pets. The passenger was removed by local law enforcement.”

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