Man Learns His Taxi Driver Has Never Been to Theme Park, Invites Him Along

One man visiting United Arab Emirates from Ireland found out his taxi driver never went on a roller coaster and changed all of that.

Liam Murphy was in the United Arab Emirates and on his way to Ferrari World -- the world's largest indoor theme park -- when he found out his taxi driver had never been.

So, naturally, he invited him along.

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Shakiha, the taxi driver, had lived in the UAE for 14 years since moving from India. He was going to wait in the parking lot but Liam, who is from Ireland, couldn't let that happen. So he bought him a ticket for $61 and invited him along.

The driver had never even been on a roller coaster.

Liam wrote on Facebook that his first ride was the fastest coaster in the world. They explored the expensive Ferraris together and he even bought him some pizza on the way home.

Liam told Buzzfeed: “Every time he drops off passengers he stays in the car for the day. I decided to bring him along for a laugh.

“His family are in India and he said he sends money home each month. I felt sorry for him.”

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Liam truly did something special for a total stranger and it'll be a day the taxi driver will never forget.

“Shakiha will sleep well tonight,” Liam posted on Facebook after their day together.

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