Squeeze in Situps, Chair Dips at Your Desk in 10 Minutes or Less

INSIDE EDITION gets some tips from a New York City fitness expert for staying active while at work.

If you’re stuck at your desk for most of the work day, INSIDE EDITION brings you some easy exercises you can do in less than 10 minutes a day.

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We went to health and fitness expert Don Saladino, who owns Drive 495, a fitness center in New York.  

“All I’m looking for here is five or 10 minutes," said Saladino.

His first tip was very simple, and it has to do with the telephone.

"Anytime you take a phone call, make sure you're standing during a call," he said. 

He said getting out of the chair to take the call simply gets us moving.  

He also said our necks get really tight during the day. He demonstrated how to do neck rotations that loosen us up.

"We're going to start by keeping the shoulders as still as possible, and we're going to do three, really slow, controlled rotations," he showed IE. "We're going to go to both sides. I want you to do three," he said.

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Stretching our shoulders is also important, he said: "Reach back and get a really good stretch. It's typically going to be three times back, and three times forward."

IE staffers put some of the exercises to the test, demonstrating chair tricep dips, desk pushups.

Saladino also said we should get up every 30 minutes to move around and get the blood flowing. It'll lead to better health and make the work day go by faster.

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