Mel Gibson Denies Spitting on Female Photographer After She Took Pictures of His 24-Year-Old Girlfriend

The photographer is accusing Mel Gibson of flying into a violent rage as he left a movie theater in Sydney.

Did Mel Gibson have another major meltdown?

The actor is accused of flying into a violent rage and shoving a photographer after she snapped photos of him with his 24-year-old girlfriend.

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Photographer Kristi Miller says the freak out happened after she photographed Gibson with his new girlfriend, Rosalind Ross, as they left a movie theater in Sydney, Australia.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, for whom she works, Miller said: “He was straight up in my face. Basically nose to nose and just abusing me spitting on me. Saying some really vile things - that I was a dog, that I disrespected him, that I should go to Hell."

She continued and said: “Next thing I know I was shoved.”

Of Ross, she added: "His girlfriend actually said to me sorry and got him by the shoulder and said ‘enough’ and pulled him away from me."

There is a 35-year age difference between Gibson and Ross.

A spokesman for Gibson denied the incident, saying in a statement: “There was never any physical contact whatsoever and the story is being told by her is a complete fabrication of the truth.”

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The Oscar-winning actor is notorious for his prior outburstsr. In 2010, his ex, Oksana Grigorieva, secretly recorded him screaming at her over nasty custody battle.

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