What a Turnaround! Dow Jumps 380 Points at Opening Bell

The Wall Street roller coaster does not seem to be ending anytime soon.

It's another crazy day on Wall Street.

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U.S. investors cheered as the Dow Jones skyrocketed 350 points moments after the opening bell on Tuesday. Just 24 hours earlier, the Dow had plummeted 1,000 points before recovering.

Financial advisor Richard Bregman says hold on tight because there are more roller coaster days on the way.

“Don’t panic," he said. "This can go on for a week, a month, years. It is not stopping today."

While the U.S. markets appeared to be on the rebound, the Chinese markets suffered yet another day of doom - down about seven percent.

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CNBC's Courtney Reagan says today's wild ride on Wall Street does not mean a crash is coming.

“I would tell worried investors to keep calm and carry on. Markets go up and markets go down and when investors panic and they pull out when stocks are at their lows it's pretty much the worst thing you can do,” she said.

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