Donald Trump Invites Supporter on Stage to Tug His Hair, Check if It's Real

During a rally in South Carolina, the GOP presidential hopeful called a woman up on stage to test out his locks.

Donald Trump called a supporter up on stage to check his hair and put those rumors about a toupee to bed.

His latest jaw-dropping moment took place on the campaign trail in South Carolina.

The GOP presidential hopeful announced to the crowd: "I don’t wear a toupee! It’s my hair! I swear!" 

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He then called up a female supporter from the crowd. "You have to do an inspection because this is getting crazy," he told her.

When Trump asked the woman if his hair was real, she said: "Yes, I believe it is."

Now many are wondering if the Republican presidential frontrunner has declared a truce in his war with Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

On a radio show, Trump said of Kelly: "Actually, I watched her show last night. She was very nice and I appreciated it."

Host Laura Ingraham, who also appears on Fox News, asked Trump about his rather nasty tweets targeted at Kelly.

She asked: “Are you going to keep retweeting these 'bimbo back in town' kind of comments?”

Trump replied: “No, I have much bigger things to think about, honestly.”

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Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter, author of the new bestseller Adios America told INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret that Trump is making a mistake attacking Kelly.

She said: "Why are you attacking America’s sweetheart? It is like attacking Shirley Temple!”

Coulter believes he can win the GOP nomination and Moret asked: “How about in a general election?”

“I think he will kill it in a general election,” she said.

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