Boy, 10, Reveals Survival Tips That Kept Him Alive in Wilderness Overnight

Malachi Bradley went missing on Sunday after wandering away from his campsite; he was found alive 30 hours later.

A 10-year-old boy is sharing the survival tips that kept him alive overnight in the Utah wilderness.

Malachi Bradley got lost in the rugged terrain of Ashley National Forest during a family camping trip on Sunday and miraculously survived. He was found alive 30 hours later.

So how did he live to tell the tale? With survival tips he'd been taught by his dad.

"If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be here," he told INSIDE EDITION.

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Malachi knew he could use his hoodie to filter muddy lake water.

Another survival skill came during the bitterly cold night; the boy drew his legs and arms inside his t-shirt to contain the warmth.

Cops say Malachi also sheltered behind rocks that were still warm from the fierce Utah sun.

“I knew I could survive two weeks, maybe less, without food, so I tried to focus mainly on water,” he said.

Malachi was located on Monday afternoon by helicopters. 

“I thought, ‘Yay, now I get to see my family,’” he said.

Now the boy is back home with his parents and has just a few scrapes to show for his brush with danger. His parents are just happy to have him back safe and sound.

His parents are just happy to have him back safe and sound.

His mother said: “I thought I would bury my son.”

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Pupils and teachers at Sego Lilly Elementary School outside Salt Lake City were just as relieved.

Malachi got a hero's welcome on his first day back at school. He was given kisses from his teachers and was swarmed by his relieved classmates.

Now Malachi can give them lessons-- lessons in survival.

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