Watch Five People Get Swallowed by a Sinkhole As They Wait For the Bus

Five people were caught in a surprise sinkhole that happened as they were waiting for the bus in China.

Five people who were waiting to catch a bus were swallowed by a massive sinkhole, surveillance footage shows.

The group were on the sidewalk in Harbin, China on Saturday when the ground suddenly opened up beneath them.

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The footage was posted on Twitter via China’s Xinhua news.

Sinkhole opens near NE China bus stop, 4 people fall in #XinhuaTV

— China Xinhua News (@XHNews) August 26, 2015

Three people fell straight into the hole. One woman hung onto pipes underneath the sidewalk and another pedestrian who was standing on the edge fell sideways into the hole.

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Good Samaritans pulled the victims from the hole, which was about 10 feet deep, according to reports.

Four of the people that fell in received minor injuries to their feet, legs, arms and shoulders.

It is still clear what caused the sidewalk to collapse.

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