Inside The TV Killer's Home: A Bare Mattress and a Refrigerator Covered With Photos of Himself

The world now has a chance to look inside madman Vester Flanagan's baron apartment.

An empty bed, bare walls and a refrigerator covered in photos of himself: this is the chilling home of the man who gunned down a reporter and cameraman live on TV.

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Inside Vester Flanagan's Roanoke, Virginia apartment - which is just across the road from WDBJ's studios - there is a simple couch and plain white walls, according to photos obtained by

The bed is just a mattress without sheets or pillows. An outdoor plastic chair sits next to a computer and wires across the floor, as seen on video shared by NBC News.

On the refrigerator are modelling photographs showing the gunman, as well as print-outs of him working as a reporter on TV.

Flanagan, who was also known as Bryce Williams, was a disgruntled former employee at WDBJ, where reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward worked.

We're learning that Flanagan held a twisted grudge against Alison Parker when she was an intern at the station in 2012.

He filed an unfounded complaint against her because she used everyday expressions like "swinging" by an address and going out in the "field.” For some reason, he claimed the use of those words was racist.

WDBJ-TV morning anchor Kimberley McBroom is revealing that audio from the scene of the shooting could still be heard in the TV studio even after the camera fell to the ground

She told INSIDE EDITION’s Steven Fabian: “We still had our ear pieces in. We could hear audio from Adam’s camera because it was still rolling and we heard the police there. Three down and we were like, ‘oh my God,’ those were bullets! Those were bullets!’”

We’re learning that on the very day of the murder - morning show producer Melissa Ott, who was engaged to the slain cameraman, took delivery of the wedding dress she would have worn on their wedding day.

And there’s new information about how police cornered former reporter Vester L. Flanagan.

He was making his getaway in a rental car when he was identified by a license plate reader.

When he knew the police were right behind him, Flanagan took his own life - going down in history as America’s first social media murderer.

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Criminologist Jack Levin calls these the first social media murders.

"The killer used the internet in order to attract lots of attention. He wanted the publicity. That was a big factor in his motivation for killing two people," he said. 

The mall where the shooting happened has now reopened.

"Amazing Grace" was sung at a vigil last night -- as mourners in Roanoke and all over the nation continues to remember the victims of this shocking crime.

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