Man Busted Over Video About Avoiding Red Light Tickets Says: Reaction Has Been '100 Percent Positive'

Steven Ruth tells INSIDE EDITION he is not worried about being charged for what he did.

A man who was arrested for sharing a video on how to avoid red light tickets said the response from other residents has been "100 percent positive."

Steven Ruth took a video that shows him tampering with several red light cameras, which capture the license plates of cars that pass through.

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In the video, he said: “I am going to show you how to take the power back.”

Ruth told INSIDE EDITION that he recorded the video because he kept getting tickets for going through red lights.

In the expletive video, he said: “This is government taking advantage and it's going to stop.”

He used a painter's extension pole to turn the camera away from the intersection - before posting the video to Facebook.

His family and friends warned him that posting the video on social media was a terrible mistake.

“When it started to blow up everyone said to take it down,” he told INSIDE EDITION.

Somebody forwarded it to cops on Long Island and Ruth was promptly busted.

He said: “When they came here, I put my hands behind my back and they said: ‘You must have been expecting us?’ I said ‘Absolutely.'"

Lt. Milagros Soto says Ruth is no Robin Hood: “It's surprising that someone would commit a crime but then videotape themselves committing the crime and post it for the world to see.”

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INSIDE EDITION producer Lara Yunaska witnessed Ruth being treated like a folk hero.

She said to him: “We saw people driving around cheering you on." 

“The response has been 100 percent positive because everyone is getting these tickets," he said. 

Ruth is facing as much as eight years in prison if found guilty - but he says he's not worried.

“The likelihood they can find 12 jury members to convict me is the same odds as winning the Powerball,” he declared.

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