Doctors Save Man's Badly-Burned Hand by Sewing It Into His Stomach

Doctor's used an unusual method to save a man's hand after it was badly burned -- they placed it inside his stomach.

Doctors saved this 87-year-old Texas man's badly-burned hand thanks to a very unusual surgery.

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Frank Reyes' injuries were so severe that a skin graft was not possible, so doctors placed his hand inside a pocket of tissue in his stomach to give it time to heal and form a new blood supply.

Reyes agreed to the strange surgery at Houston Methodist Hospital and spent three weeks with his left hand surgically tucked into his belly.

He explained in an interview: "It's a funny feeling. Anything to get me well."

Reyes sustained the burns while changing a car tire in June. The jack slipped and pinned his hand against the fender of his car and, with the Texas heat reaching more than 100 degrees, his hand began to burn beneath the metal before help arrived after 30 minutes.

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Last week, doctors cut his hand free from his belly and patched him up. Reyes hopes for near full use of his hand.

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