Judge Joe Brown Released After 5 Days in Jail: 'It's Like a Slave Warehouse'

Former TV court judge Joe Brown was held in contempt of court when he became irate in a child support case.

Judge Joe Brown likened jail to a "slave warehouse" after he was released this week.

The former TV judge was released from a Tennessee jail on Tuesday after serving a five-day sentence for contempt of court.

Following his release, he sat down with INSIDE EDITION to talk about the experience.

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“A jail is like a slave warehouse," he said. "You sleep on a steel bed with holes cut in the frame. Lights are on continuously."

Brown was arrested after a dramatic outburst in court during a child support case. He was irate because the judge wouldn't dismiss an arrest warrant against a woman he was defending for free.

While in court, Brown said: “This sorry operation needs to stop.”

The judge told Brown: “Twenty-four hours Shelby County Jail for contempt.”

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Brown replied: “This is a circus, sir.”

The judge said: “That's three days.” 

He was eventually held in contempt and sentenced to five days behind bars.

After his release, he said: “I've always aggressively defended people. I talk the talk, but I also walk the walk,” and compared himself to some famous figures, including Muhammad Ali and Nelson Mandela. 

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