Elderly Couple Who Were Filmed in Loving Embrace at Airport: 'It Was The First Time We'd Been Separated'

Bernie and Carol Mills told INSIDE EDITION they were shocked that the video of their reunion at Los Angeles International Airport has become so popular.

A heartwarming video of an elderly couple sharing a loving embrace at the airport is bringing tears to millions of people across the world.

In the video, Bernie Mills holds a bunch of flowers as he waits patiently for his wife, Carol, to arrive at Los Angeles International Airport.

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When she finally arrives, the lovebirds embrace and share kisses while onlookers say: “Aww!”

The video was recorded by Chris Perry, who was waiting in the terminal for his plane. He posted it to Facebook, and it has been viewed more than 60 million times.

INSIDE EDITION tracked down the loving couple to their home, just outside L.A.

Bernie, 80, and Carol, 75, revealed they were both widowed when they met through the dating site eHarmony. They married in 2010.

They explained that Carol was returning from a two-week trip to a family wedding on the East Coast when the video was taken. Bernie said he had been waiting for an hour.

Bernie said: "I was just so excited to see her coming through that door. I was like, 'oh boy I've got my baby back again.'"

Carol added: "It was the first time we had ever really been separated."

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The couple said they are shocked that the video was so popular.

“My daughter said the video has gone viral, and I said, ‘What’s viral?’” Carol said.

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