Police: Husband Gets Stabbed After Finding His Wife Nude In Bed With Her Father

A Michigan dad was found in bed nude with his wife and allegedly stabbed his son-in-law after he was confronted.

A Michigan man came home to find his wife nude in bed with her dad and then was stabbed by his father-in-law, according to police.

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The 25-year-old man told police that he came home and found both his wife and her dad in the buff together in bed. When he woke up his father-in-law, they got into an altercation outside the home. That is where he was allegedly stabbed by 47-year-old Henry Allen Michael in the back with a knife, police say.

After the incident, Michael got in his son-in-law’s vehicle and fled the scene.

Police say that the victim’s wife, 24, told police that she and her father were out drinking and when they came back home, she passed out and did not know what happened until her husband came home and woke them.

The woman told police she had reason to believe she was sexually assaulted and was examined by hospital staff.

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Michael, who was staying at the couple’s home after being released from prison, was later arrested and is lodged at the Oakland County Jail on pending charges.

The investigation into the situation is currently ongoing.

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