Miss America and Vanessa Williams At Odds Over Apology for Nude Photo Scandal

The Miss America judge lost her crown over the scandal 32 years ago.

Major drama has erupted at the Miss America pageant.

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Vanessa Williams is reportedly being asked to make a public apology for the nude photo scandal that cost her the Miss America crown 32 years ago.

When the show airs on Sunday, a pageant official is expected to apologize for forcing Vanessa’s resignation back in 1984. Vanessa will then be presented with a new crown - a symbol that all is forgiven.

But officials of the squeaky-clean pageant also reportedly want Vanessa to make an apology for taking those nude photos when she was just 19.

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Vanessa reportedly threw a fit when she found out - throwing the pageant into "crisis mode" and a "meltdown," according to published reports.

The other judges include former Dancing with the Stars contestant Amy Purdy, singer Zendaya and American Sniper widow Taya Kyle.

Kyle spoke to INSIDE EDITION earlier this week and said: “I don't think she [Vanessa] did anything wrong. She's just a woman, a very successful woman who owns her beauty and her talent and her skills and she's smart. I think she's a good face for this competition.”

Vanessa has also spoken out about the scandal recently.

Appearing on Good Morning America this week, she said: “That's one of the problems that I’ve had to deal with for my career. Not only being a Miss America, but being a scandalous Miss America.”

The pageant has "no comment" on the reports of the behind-the-scenes turmoil.

Miss America airs Sunday on ABC.

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