Cops: Father Thinks His Family Was Poisoned By Meth Left in Hotel Coffee Maker

A Nebraska man claims he and his two-year-old son were poisoned by a meth-tainted coffee maker in a hotel.

A Nebraska man told cops that he and his son were poisoned by a hotel room coffee maker that had been tainted with methamphetamine, according to reports. 

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Travis Richard, along with his wife Amber and their children, spent Labor Day weekend in Omaha.

Before their drive back home, he made a pot of coffee in the room. He says that 20 minutes after using the coffee maker and coffee, he started to feel strange.

His two-year-old son also took a sip of the coffee and got sick on their drive, he said. They reportedly both went to get medical treatment and are waiting for their test results.

According to reports, instead of brewing coffee in the machines, some people have used the pots to make methamphetamine.

"I know enough now that whenever I go to a hotel, regardless of how nice it is, I'll never use a coffee pot," Marshall County District Attorney Steve Marshall told Alabama’s WAFF 48.

The idea of meth labs in a hotel are more common than you might think.

Rick Phillips of the Marshall County Drug Enforcement Unit explained: “The coffee makers that you find in every motel room is an ideal heat source. They mix it up in the coffee pot, put it on a heat source and let it sit there and cook.”

The residue left behind is red phosphorus and iodine, which could be dangerous to people drinking coffee from the makers.

Phillips said: “Typical sickness and issues that would come with any chemical exposure, simple nausea, vomiting to maybe a hospital visit.”

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Omaha police are now reportedly investigating Travis Richard's claims but say they doubt the coffee maker was used to make meth. It is also unclear if a trace of the drug was left by someone who used the coffee maker to hide the drug, the Associated Press reported.

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