12 Dead, 4 Injured in Virginia Beach Shooting

A woman mourns after a gunmen killed 12 people in Virginia Beach.
Getty Images

At least 12 people are dead after a longtime city employee went on a shooting rampage on three floors of a municipal building in Virginia Beach Friday afternoon, leaving three others in critical condition.

Authorities said the disgruntled employee opened fire with a handgun before being killed in a shootout with police. The gunman was identified as Dwayne Craddock, who worked in Public Utilities for 15 years.

Eleven of the deceased victims were also city employees, while the 12th was a contractor. Four people were injured in the attack, three of whom are in critical condition

"I think the thing that's gone through my mind and everybody else is we know these people," Virginia Beach Vice Mayor James Wood told CBS News. "I don't say I'm in shock, I'm numbed."


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