12-Foot Skeleton Becomes Christmas Prop for Families That Can't Find Space to Store It After Halloween

A 12-foot skeleton ended up part of Tracy Gilbert's Christmas display after she couldn't find space to store it after Halloween.
A 12-foot skeleton ended up part of Tracy Gilbert's Christmas display after she couldn't find space to store it after Halloween.(Tracy Gilbert)

The enormous Halloween decoration that was sold out at many Home Depot locations, is being converted into a Christmas decorations after many families are struggling to come up with space to put it.

A giant, 12-foot skeleton that was flying off the shelves for Halloween ended up being a bit more than buyers asked for, when many of them couldn’t find space in their storage for the seasonal decoration and ended up having to decorate it for Christmas so they could hold off finding somewhere to store it.

Tracy Gilbert of Georgia is one of the many buyers who now has an enormous festive skeleton displayed in her front yard.

“I don't know why, but the thought of breaking him down and tucking him away made me a little sad, and we have a plethora of Halloween decorations taking up a lot of space in our storage room,” Gilbert told Inside Edition Digital. “So, we decided to pull out the Christmas decorations and give him a makeover.”

She explained that she and her family normally go all out decorating for different holidays, but this year, that wouldn’t be enough. “We decided that since this would not be the usual Halloween, thanks to COVID, we would need to do something bigger or better than usual,” Gilbert said.

When her 16-year-old son Jack discovered Home Depot was selling the gargantuan skeleton for $300, the family decided they needed it, and ended up having to reach out to several different locations as the Halloween decoration quickly sold out ahead of the holiday.

They eventually displayed it in their front yard, and built a graveyard and fog machine display around it.

“The neighbors we talked to loved it,” Gilbert said.

But when Nov. 1 rolled around, they were at a loss as to what to do with the enormous prop.

“Both Jack and my husband Jon were lobbying for us to keep him up outside, or to bring him inside and put him in our front foyer,” Gilbert explained. “I initially didn't want to do either.”

But as they began decorating for the holidays, she realized the spooky skeleton might just work for Christmas as well.

“We bought a cheap fake tree and we crafted the Santa hat out of tree skirt,” she said. “I kind of wanted to let the neighbors know that yes, we know we still have a giant skeleton in our yard two weeks after Halloween but he is going to be here to stay for a while.”

Thanks to all the great feedback, the family is now brainstorming how they can celebrate noteworthy dates and holidays with the skeleton– until, at least, they can come up with some storage space.

“We are flirting with the idea of making a top hat and bow tie to celebrate the ringing in of 2021,” she said. “I have also thought about creating some blue political signs for our upcoming senate race, but ultimately decided that for now he will remain neutral.”