Peek Inside the New York Home Where Its Owners Discovered Whiskey From Prohibition Era Hidden in Walls

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A New York couple was renovating an old house when they found more than 60 bottles of whiskey from the prohibition era. Nick Drummond and Patrick Bakker found the alcohol inside the walls and under the floorboards. The stash had been hidden there for nearly a hundred years.

“We were always told our house was built by a bootlegger and now we have some proof,” one of the homeowners told Inside Edition.

Many of the bottles were bundled together and wrapped in brown paper and straw. Lift off the cover, and there’s banned booze straight out of the roaring twenties.

Inside Edition reporter Alison hall went into the crawl space with the homeowners and found even more bottles. Some of the hard liquor has evaporated over the decades, but there’s still a lot left.

Drummond and Bakker bought the fixer upper in the tiny village, with a population of 104, of Ames, New York. Intrigued by the house's history, they did some research and say they found that the original owner was local bootlegger Adolph "Count" Humpfner. The couple says he died unexpectedly in the living room, leaving behind a huge fortune.

The homeowners say they plan on selling the rest of the full bottles for about $1,000 each, which is what appraisers say they are worth.


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