Genius! Guy Builds a Game Boy That Also Works as a Guitar

A game and guitar enthusiast found a way to combine his favorite things.

One man took his two passions in life and fused them together – gaming and playing guitar.

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A man known to the internet as Fibbef, an administrator on BitFixGaming boards, created a Nintendo Game Boy out of a guitar. Now, he can play a game and shred on the strings at the same time.

In his YouTube description, he wrote: “The Guitar Boy is a guitar. The Guitar Boy is a Game Boy. The Guitar Boy is the best of both worlds! Created for the BitFix Gaming 2015 Game Boy Classic build-off, this Game Boy guitar plays both Pokemon and rock and roll!”

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The fully functional Game Boy emulator has clever features like the basic A and B buttons function as volume and tone dials for the guitar and as the buttons to play a game on the system.

Fibbef also created and extensive log where you can create one yourself.

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