Miss Colorado Speaks Out After 'View' Hosts Joke About Nurses: 'What You Say Has Consequences'

Kelly Johnson tells INSIDE EDITION that the show brought awareness to how hard nurses work.

Miss Colorado is opening up after The View hosts made light of the nursing profession on the show.

The hosts joked at Kelly Johnson’s heartfelt monologue on the Miss America pageant competition.

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The backlash was intense, and the hosts apologized, and even brought dozens of nurses on the show last week to pay tribute to what many people say is our noblest profession.

But Johnson said there are no hard feelings.

“I completely understand the other side. I think no matter what, what you say sometimes has consequences,” she told INSIDE EDITION.

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She added: “The nursing profession deserves this voice. They deserve this recognition.

“And if it took a few comments that maybe upset a few people to bring that awareness to nursing and how hard they work, and how intelligent those people are, then it was worth every word.”

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