In Hidden Videotape, O.J. Simpson Claims Ex-Wife Nicole Brown's Bruises Were Just Makeup

A rarely-seen video shows O.J. Simpson testifying under oath about his ex-wife Nicole Brown.

Rarely-seen videotape of O.J. Simpson testifying under oath about his ex-wife Nicole has surfaced.

The long lost tapes have been locked away for almost 20 years and are now coming to light on ABC’s 20/20 on Friday and a documentary airing next week on A&E and LMN.

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In the tapes, Simpson is shown an image of his ex-wife with marks across her face - but he claims they aren't really bruises.

Attorney Daniel Petrocelli asked the former NFL star: “Do you see those bruises on her face?”
Simpson: “No.”
Petrocelli: “You don’t see anything?”
Simpson: “No, I mean, I see this eye thing.”
Petrocelli: “You don’t think this picture reflects any bruising or injuries or marks on Nicole’s face?”
Simpson: “No, I don’t.”
Petrocelli: “What do you think this reflects?”
Simpson: “It reflects doing a movie that we’re doing and we’re doing make-up.”

Simpson gave the video deposition in the civil lawsuit filed against him two years after he was found not guilty in the trial of the century.

Simpson never took the stand at his criminal trial. But he was forced to testify under oath in the civil lawsuit filed by the family of Ron Goldman, who was murdered along with Nicole.

In the video deposition, Simpson appeared to be a slippery witness. While he denied killing Nicole, he did acknowledge that he sometimes hurt her.

“Any marks on her, I take full responsibility for. I take total responsibility,” he said.

He is also questioned about bloody footprints at the scene of the murders. Criminal prosecutors said they were made by size 12 Bruno Magli shoes but could never prove that Simpson owned them.

In the deposition, he said: “I know that Bruno Magli makes shoes that look like the shoes they had in court that’s involved with this case, I would have never worn those ugly ass shoes."

But shortly after he testified, a photo surfaced of Simpson wearing Bruno Magli shoes just months before the murders took place.

Petrocelli told 20/20 that when he showed Simpson the National Enquirer images of him wearing the shoes, he told the attorney: “Well yeah, that’s me in the picture, but those are not my shoes.”

Petrocelli also told 20/20: “He says, ‘I don’t remember what shoes I had on that day… but I didn’t have those shoes on,’ because he knew that those were the killer’s shoes.”

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Simpson lost the civil case and was ordered to pay $33 million to the Goldman family. He's now in prison serving a 30-year prison term for robbery.

INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent spoke to Kim Goldman, Ron Goldman's sister, who has just written a new book, Media Circus: A Look At Private Tragedy In The Public Eye.

"I still get people sending me alternate theories and conspiracies," she said. "People are still so emotionally invested in this story."

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