Tom Brady Backtracks on Trump Endorsement: 'I Don't Even Know What the Issues Are'

Two weeks after Tom Brady apparently endorsed Trump, he is clarifying his remarks.

Tom Brady is backtracking on his support of Donald Trump by clarifying earlier remarks that appeared to endorse the GOP front-runner.

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Brady's supposed endorsement came after a Trump hat was seen inside Brady’s locker, and the football star was quoted as saying of a Trump presidency: "That would be great.”

Brady now tells a Boston radio show that he’s not ready to endorse anybody.

“Whenever I vote, it is going to be my own choice based on how I feel. I don't even know what the issues are and I haven't paid attention to politics in a long time,” he said.

Brady says he and Trump are still golfing buddies. The Patriots quarterback was asked: “Did he cheat when he played you in golf?”

The Super Bowl winner laughed and said: “He likes to win. I'll say that.”

Meanwhile, on CNN the Republican frontrunner was asked about his aggressive campaign style.

Erin Burnett asked him: “So when people say the temperament question, they say ‘Here's a guy who will call someone a loser. They say that's childish that's not the temperament of a president.’”

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Probably is a little childish but this is a campaign I’m responding to them, I’m a counter puncher,” he said.

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