Lawyer Ditched Career to Launch Successful Online Consignment Store

Linda Lightman shares the secrets to the success of her business, Linda's Stuff.

A woman quit her career as a lawyer to launch what’s become one of the most successful online consignment shops in the world.

Linda Lightman took a leap of faith on a great American idea. “I have to tell you, I was petrified,” she told INSIDE EDITION.

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Lightman is the founder of Linda's Stuff. She started selling her own clothes on eBay from her house outside of Philadelphia.

She explained: “One friend told another friend, ‘Hey, did you hear what Linda Lightman is doing? She’s selling her clothes on eBay. She’ll do it for you.’”

A lightbulb went off in her head. She ditched her career as a lawyer and went into it fulltime.

“Fifteen years later, here I am in a 93,000-square-foot warehouse with 100 plus employees,” she said.

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Her massive warehouse holds all the big-name luxury brands. Thousands of people send their used or new clothes for Lightman to sell.

“We get the items, we process them, we tag them, we photograph them, we list them. And then the items sell. And they get their big, fat check pretty quickly,” she said.

“We will not put anything on the site that is not guaranteed 100 percent authentic,” she said.

Her “Great American Idea” shows no signs of slowing down.

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