Car Crafted From Recyclable Cardboard Can Actually Drive Down the Street

Two engineers designers in England crafted a Lexus made out of recycled cardboard.

Take a closer look at this car and you'll realize it's made entirely from cardboard.

"When people walk past it, they do a double take," said Daniel Ryan, who co-created the origami-inspired vehicle.

Lexus unveiled the car - a cardboard version of their new IS 300H - in London this week.

It took three months for Daniel Ryan, from the company Laser Cut Works, and Ruben Marcos, of Scales & Models, to handcraft 1,700 pieces of recyclable laser-cut cardboard, each one shaped to work with the other and eventually become the body of an IS 300H.

Each piece was glued and had to dry for 10 minutes. The wheels were also made from cardboard but a steel and aluminum frame hides beneath it. An electric motor makes the car move.

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Looking at the completed car, it is hard to believe it was made from cardboard. It can even drive down the street at slow speeds.

Ryan said that their work turned "mundane material to a beautiful sculpture." 

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The car, which isn't available to be purchased, will be on display at a home improvement show in England.

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