Truck Driver Killed in Fiery Interstate Crash After He Swerved to Avoid Dumped Mattress

Startling footage shows how a mattress caused a deadly crash on the New Jersey Turnpike.

A truck erupted in flames on one of America's busiest interstates on Wednesday, killing the driver inside - all because of a mattress.

Video from another vehicle captures the moment the truck swerved to avoid a mattress on the New Jersey Turnpike before hitting a guardrail, flipping over and bursting into flames. The footage shows that a box spring was in another lane.

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The truck driver was killed, and another motorist in a separate vehicle was taken to hospital with injuries.

Objects falling off vehicles cause 25,000 accidents a year. In another video, a driver stopped to avoid a mattress on a highway in San Diego and was rear-ended.

In yet more footage, a driver was on her way to work when a two-by-four flew through the windshield, missing her by inches. The wood had been lying in the road until the wheels of a trailer sent it up into the windshield like a spear.

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There are steps you can take to avoid a tragedy when you come upon on object on the road. Some experts say it may actually be safer to hit the object.

A safety expert told INSIDE EDITION: “If there aren’t any vehicles on either side of you, the safest thing is to swerve in those lanes,” and that if there are vehicles, it may be safest to just drive over the object.

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