Bride and Groom Skip Their First Dance, Have Epic Lightsaber Battle Instead

A bride and groom skipped their first dance and opted to have an epic light saber battle instead.

When newlyweds Joey Pacheco and Robert Raven took to the floor for their traditional first dance as husband and wife, it was anything but ordinary.

The pair are avid Star Wars fans and stunned guests when they interrupted their dance for a lightsaber battle instead.

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The couple met in 2013 at an anime convention at the same venue where they ultimately got married.

Joey told INSIDE EDITION that they wanted to do something different for their wedding dance. While they only practiced the routine a handful of times, they pulled it off thanks to their Jedi instincts.

“We didn't go as fast as we wanted because we didn't want to hurt each other,” the bride said.

Guests loved it and could be seen pulling out their cameras to record the three-minute showdown.

Joey added: “It was so much fun and we both didn't want it to end. It felt like being part of Star Wars move scene with the music.”

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In the end, their weapons were set aside for a crowd-pleasing kiss. The force is clearly strong with these two.

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