Brothel Madam: Lamar Odom Was Upset Over His Split From Khloe Kardashian

T.J. Moore says the former NBA star poured out his heart to her before he was found unconscious.

Lamar Odom poured out his heart to T.J. Moore, the madam who runs The Love Ranch brothel, just hours before he was found unconscious in bed, she has revealed.

She told INSIDE EDITION: "He told me he was having trouble with insomnia and he had been able to rest and sleep and he had felt very comfortable because no one could get a hold of him."

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She says Odom was despondent about the break-up of his marriage to Khloe Kardashian.

"He talked about the vindictiveness," Moore said. "He was worried about his kids being hurt in the divorce but it wasn’t so much the words as the pain I could see in his face about it."

Odom lost his mother when he was just 12. Moore says he spoke to her like she was his mom.

"He missed his mom a lot," she said. "It definitely affected him losing her early, he said so. He missed her."

But Odom wasn't at The Love Ranch just to talk.

In surveillance video, a scantily-clad young woman gets drinks from the bar as Odom sits right behind her. Then she brings the drinks over to the former NBA star.

Lamar Odom chose two blondes from a line-up and spent his time at the brothel partying with them. He paid a tab of $75,000 up front.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Love Ranch owner Dennis Hof who spoke about what Odom’s bill got entailed.

“Well, Lamar talked to all the girls. He decided on two girls. They went to the room and the girls said 'What do you want to do Lamar? What do you want to spend?,'” Hof said. “He said ‘I’m going to give you $75,000 and I want you be with me 24/7 for all the time I’m here, which going to be four or five days.’”

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Odom also gorged on T-bone steaks and chicken. In the fridge in his suite there's pie, watermelon, a bucket from KFC, cream cheese and sugar-free Red Bull.

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