From Board Games to Bottled Water, The Long-Forgotten Trump-Branded Products

INSIDE EDITION has rummaged around the attic and discovered a bizarre collection of products.

Since throwing his hat in the presidential race, Donald Trump is everywhere.

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And long before he was leading the GOP nominations, Trump put his name on everything and anything.

Donald Trump once featured on a board game. One of INSIDE EDITION’s producers actually bought it on a lark and it’s been stored in her closet for more than two decades.

Trump also had his own vodka that came out nine years ago. He said the drink would make a perfect “T&T” - that is, a “Trump and tonic."

Michael D'Antonio, the author of Never Enough: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success, told INSIDE EDITION: "You could have bought a Trump tie, a Trump shirt, a Trump suit. You could have purchased a Trump bed to sleep on.

"He would have given you a complete lifestyle right down to chomping on Trump steaks." 

Donald Trump even once had his own steak brand but they weren't cheap: $1,000 for 16 steaks.

In a commercial for the brand, the billionaire said: “When it comes to great steaks, I just raised the stakes!"

Trump even sold bottled water under the name, Trump Ice.

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And way before The Apprentice, he had another TV show called Trump Card, which was a gameshow hosted by Jimmy Cefalo.

Trump appeared on the show's first episode sounding a bit like a presidential candidate: “I'd also like to take this opportunity to welcome our viewers to Trump Card. It's an intelligent and challenging game and in the great tradition of America, if you're smart and persevere, there's a good chance you'll come out on top.”

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