Millionaire NBA Star Says He Will Buy Your Groceries If You Are Behind Him in Line

Chicago Bulls star Jimmy Butler says he will purchase your groceries if you are behind him in line.

Chicago Bulls star Jimmy Butler says he feels so blessed with his fortune and talents that he wants to pay it forward.

The athlete revealed in an interview that whenever he or his teammates go shopping, they pay for whatever the person behind them is buying.

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He told Chicago Magazine: “I don’t care how many groceries they have. It could be a 99-cent ice-cream cone or a $2,000 grocery bill. We have been so blessed. It’s fun.”

Butler signed a new contract with the team this summer where he will be paid $95 million over the next five seasons.

While the big contract is enough to make Butler live comfortably for the rest of his life, he wants others to have some of his wealth.

Butler comes from a very humble background and rough childhood. According to reports, Butler says his father was not around and his mother kicked him out of his Texas home when he was 13 after a dispute allegedly telling him: “I don’t like the look of you. You gotta go.” Butler went to live with a friend and his family and still expresses his deep appreciation to them.

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Butler says he doesn’t dwell on the past and says he talks to his parents.

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