Watch Bill Cosby Eye Sofia Vergara in 2003 Interview: 'You Make Me Feel Young Again'

The comedian interviewed the little-known actress as he filled in for David Letterman in 2003.

A cringe-worthy, long-forgotten video of Bill Cosby interviewing Sofia Vergara shows the now-embattled comedian leering at the young actress.

INSIDE EDITION showed the footage to one of Cosby’s current accusers, Victoria Valentino.

“It’s creepy,” she said.

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The year was 2003, and Cosby was filling in for David Letterman, who was off sick.

Vergara, then 30, strode onstage in a brightly colored, deep-cut dress. Cosby was mesmerized.

“You make me feel young again,” Cosby says, leaning in and mocking Vergara's Spanish accent. “You make me feel very (pause) excited. Look at me.”

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Vergara laughed, and shot back, “Don’t die on me!”

That got Cosby to lean back a little.

“This is my first time on American TV. Don’t die here! But maybe if you do die I will be very famous. Tomorrow everybody will know me. Bill Cosby died interviewing Sofia Vergara,” she said.

Later, she told the performer now accused by several women of sexual assault, “You can’t talk to a girl like that.”

Cosby has denied the sexual abuse accusations. 

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