Robin Thicke in Newly-Released Deposition Video: I Am Not an Honest Person

The singer made the comments in a deposition last year when he was sued over 'Blurred Lines.'

Robin Thicke admitted he was drunk and high during every interview to promote “Blurred Lines.”

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The astonishing admissions emerged in a just-released deposition from last year when Thicke was being sued for plagiarism over his hit song "Blurred Lines.'' Relatives of Marvin Gaye had accused Thicke and Pharrell Williams of copying his 1977 song "Got to Give it Up."

The deposition was obtained by The Hollywood Reporter. 

In the footage, Thicke admits he was drunk every time he was interviewed while promoting the song. He was asked: “Were you drunk and high in the interview on VH1?”

“To be honest, I was drunk and high during all of them,” he replied.

He was also asked: “Do you consider yourself an honest person?”

He said “No. I will say anything it takes to sell records.”

Thicke lost the lawsuit and Gaye's family was awarded $5.3 million in damages, although Thicke and the song's co-creator, Pharrell Williams, are appealing.

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Williams also gave a deposition, which came across as hostile.

“I'm not here to teach you music,” he told the prosecution.

Williams refused to answer the simplest questions only responding again and again, "I’m not comfortable."

In a statement from Thicke and Williams' attorney, Howard E. King, to KABC about the deposition tapes: "This [the deposition video] is old news. The songs are still different and we look forward to complete vindication on appeal."

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