Before World Series, Mr. Met Conducts Metropolitan Opera in "Meet the Mets" Performance

Prior to game one of the World Series, Mr. Met led the Metropolitan Opera in a pep rally for the New York Mets.

On Tuesday night, it is time to play ball as the New York Mets will head to Kansas City for game one of the World Series.

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It has been 15 long years since the struggling New York franchise has been in baseball’s biggest tournament and the city is celebrating like never before.

Ahead of the game, the mascot Mr. Met led the famed New York Metropolitan Opera in a version of their rally song, “Meet the Mets” outside Lincoln Center in Manhattan.

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It is the pep rally that Mets fans have long been waiting for. While it remains to be seen who will win the Series, for fans of this team, it is an honor to be there and as they say: “Ya gotta believe!”

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