Naked Thrill Seekers Ride Roller Coaster to Raise $15,000 for Charity | Inside Edition

Naked Thrill Seekers Ride Roller Coaster to Raise $15,000 for Charity

Naked thrill seekers ride roller coaster in Britain to raise thousands for charity.

Look ma, no hands! And no clothes!

Some 57 people boarded a roller coaster in their birthday suits in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record and to raise money for a cancer charity.

It was a bit nippy at Britain’s Adventure Island amusement park, but as a video posted to YouTube shows, that didn’t stop the volunteers from stripping and boarding the thrill ride for a good cause.

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The naked riders raised more than $15,000 for Southend Hospital Charitable Foundation’s Keyhole Cancer Appeal.

“All those at the event were up for it,” David Ellis, who helped promote the event, told INSIDE EDITION, despite the 45-degree temperature.

But the world record for naked coaster riding remains unbroken.

It was set in 2010 when 102 nude thrill seekers, including Ellis, hopped on the ride at Adventure Island.

He’s also ridden naked at least four times at various amusement parks in Britain.

“I have ridden more coasters naked than anyone else in the world!” he jokingly boasted.

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Ellis says he will try again to break the 2010 record. But next time the ride-a-thon will be held in summer.

“That’s the only way we will get enough people volunteering to break the record,” he said.

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