This is How You Should Cook Processed Meat to Reduce its Harmful Effects

Following a bombshell WHO report, INSIDE EDITION looks at how to cook processed meats.

Processed meat lovers left in the lurch by the bombshell survey saying hot dogs and bacon cause cancer can take heart.

There are ways to reduce the risk, and it all comes down to the way you cook the foods, an expert tells INSIDE EDITION.

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Dietician Amy Shapiro says putting away the grill and reaching for a bamboo steamer is a better way to cook sausages because the links never come in contact with direct heat.

Burning and charring releases the highest amount of carcinogens, she said.

“We want to keep red meats and these processed meats away from an open flame,” she said.

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Boiling hot dogs and bacon (yes, bacon) are also healthier.

The World Health Organization released its report Monday, saying that bacon, sausage and hot dogs cause cancer. Red meat is a possible carcinogen, the report said. The meat industry has questioned the findings.

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