Beyonce Would Have Left Jay Z If Cheating Rumors Were True, Biographer Says

J. Randy Taraborrelli spoke to INSIDE EDITION about the explosive new book.

The author of a new, bombshell Beyonce biography tells INSIDE EDITON that the singer always gets what she wants.

"She's direct and she's focused and can be defiant. She always gets what she wants. Always!" J. Randy Taraborelli says. His new unauthorized biography lifts the curtain on the celebrity's life.

The book is making big headlines for its assertion that a so-called affair between Rihanna and Jay Z never happened. A publicist has acknowledged it was a publicity stunt for Rihanna's first singe.

“She would never allow Jay Z to be unfaithful,” he says.

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"She would simply end the relationship and walk away and move forward quickly," he said.

Their relationship is now stronger than ever, he said. "I would be surprised if the marriage didn't last. Her friends and family would be surprised, too.

The smart businesswoman was a tiger from the get-go, he said, and battled her father as a child about important decisions.

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Early on, Beyonce was tough on her fellow singers.

“From the time she was eleven she was deciding which girls would be in the group and which ones would be left out,” he said. 

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