Woman Gets Lipo So She Looks Her Best in Her Halloween Costume

Lara Rose underwent lipo to remove fat from her arms, which she plans to show off in her costume.

A New York woman wanted a sexy Halloween costume to show off her arms - but she was unhappy with the way they looked.

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So Lara Rose decided to do something about it and got liposuction.

"I'm not really happy with the fat under my arms," she said. “People think I’m nuts for getting this done now but no better time."

After picking up a costume, she headed to New York City's Elite Body Sculpture, where she met Dr. Tony Perkins. He said that many women want to look their best for Halloween.

“I see a lot of people excited about Halloween get that Halloween body,” he said.

Lara Rose, a 33-year-old advertising sales exec, settled into the operating room where Dr. Perkins used the air sculpt laser - the latest in lipo technology - on her arms.

“It removes fat cells one at a time. Quicker recovery, less down time,” he said. “She'll go back to work tomorrow.”

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Lara was wide awake through the whole operation and was actually on the phone with a friend.

After the procedure, she showed off her new arms to friends and family gathered at PH-D Terrace in New York City, which is hosting a Halloween event this weekend. Her loved ones were impressed with the results.

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