This Guy Sat Next to a Man Who Looks Just Like Him

One man came face to face with his own face.

A wedding photographer got the surprise of his life when he met his doppelganger sitting next to him on a plane.

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When Neil Thomas Douglas boarded a Ryanair flight to Galway, Ireland on Thursday, he came face to face with his carbon copy.

Guy on right is the husband of my friend @elrottencrotch. Guy on left is a STRANGER he met on a flight last night!

— Lee Beattie (@leebeattie) October 30, 2015

One laugh and a selfie later to two parted ways only to meet again as they were checking into the same hotel.

Later that night when Neil went to a pub his bearded twin was also there and the two had a drink together.

Lee, a friend of Neil’s, shared the doppelgangers' picture on Twitter and it has been Retweeted thousands of times.

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Now a bunch of people with ginger beards are tweeting to Lee saying they also look like Neil. She tweeted:

I am now an agent for ginger bearded men. Not a complaint btw.

— Lee Beattie (@leebeattie) October 30, 2015

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