Chelsea O'Donnell: Why I Can't Forgive Rosie

The 18-year-old opened up to INSIDE EDITION in her first TV interview since she left the comedian's home this summer.

Chelsea O'Donnell says she can't forgive her adopted mom, Rosie O'Donnell.

The 18-year-old opened up to INSIDE EDITION in her first TV interview since she left the comedian's home this summer.

"Just some things that have happened in the last few months I can't get over or forgive her for," she said. "Kicking me out of the house, putting it out that I'm mentally unstable."

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Chelsea was adopted by Rosie and her then-wife Kelli Carpenter in 1997, but she says their split affected her relationship with the comedian.

"It was really upsetting for me," she said. "I got really depressed and didn't want to do anything."

She said that she's upset with Rosie for telling the world, through a spokesperson, that she struggles with mental illness.

"Chelsea, like millions of people, lives with mental illness. It has been a difficult road for Chelsea," the spokesperson previously said.

But Chelsea slammed the statement.

"It was really upsetting to me," she said. "Everyone who knows me knows I'm not crazy... I'm pretty normal."

This summer, their relationship made headlines when Rosie reported Chelsea, then 17, missing from her Nyack, New York home. Rosie said that the teen had run away, but Chelsea denies that. 

“She got upset with me because I wouldn't talk to her,” she said. “And said she was getting all that stuff at work and didn't need it at home and to take my dog and ‘have a nice life.’”

Chelsea was found at a friend's house in New Jersey but left Rosie's home again the day she turned 18. This time, she says, it's for good.

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“I miss the rest of my family a lot but I think there is some much-needed space between me and Rosie. It's been nice having that,” she says.

Chelsea is now living with friends. She says she hopes to finish high school and go on to college – but says she doesn't think she'll ever forgive Rosie for kicking her out or saying she had mental health issues.

“I'm not mentally ill,” Chelsea tells IE. “I'm in a good place in my life… Yeah I have anxiety and depression but I'm not a crazy person.”

INSIDE EDITION contacted Rosie O'Donnell but she had no comment.

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