German Shepherd Tucks Boy Into Bed Every Night

German Shepherd Baron helps put youngster Zander to bed at his ... After climbing into bed, the dog then covers the little boy over with a duvet.

It's the story of one boy and his dog. 

Little Zander has the help of Baron, his pet German Shepherd, to help him get ready for bed and go to sleep each night.

From saying his prayers, to tucking him in and giving him a goodnight kiss, Baron takes on the role of a third parent for the four-year-old boy.

A sweet video has been posted to YouTube showing the devoted pair going through their bedtime routine.

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The evening wind down begins with Zander and Baron helping to tidy away his toys, placing them inside the toy box, after which it's time for Zander to recite his evening prayers with Baron lending a paw to help secure his place in doggy heaven.

Zander, who by this time is in his pajamas, lies in his bed with his stuffed animal next to him, while the real thing, Baron, covers him over with a duvet and tucks him in.

Then, it's the turn of Zander to read a bed time story for the both of them.

Baron rests on the youngster's bed and appears to be listening intently as his ears prick up when the story gets interesting.

When it's all over, it's time for a goodnight kiss from his faithful dog, although it does appear to be more like a slobbery lick.

Then, Baron jumps up to turn out the lights sending the little boy to sleep.

Baron who is just a one-year-old, is a professionally trained dog and has his own Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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The video capturing the whole affair has gone viral on YouTube having been viewed almost 60,000 times. 

Earlier this year, Baron was seen showing off how he has learned to use a toilet, even putting the lid down after he has finished.

He has also been filmed helping with housework loading the dishwasher by taking utensils from the sink.