Watch Family's Dog Spark Fire When He Accidentally Turns on Stove

As many as 700 fires are started by pets each year in the U.S.

A dog accidentally set her owners' house on fire - and she's not the first.

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As footage shows, when Brookfield the black Labrador's owners sat down for a pizza dinner in their home in Waterbury, Connecticut, she sniffed around the pizza boxes they had left on the stove.

As she looked for scraps, she accidentally turned on one of the burners. A few seconds later, the boxes were on fire.

Luckily, Gary LeClerc stumbled on the blaze before it engulfed the entire house.

“We never even thought that could happen. It just doesn't cross people's minds,” Gary said.

Gary and his wife, Katie, thank their lucky stars the fire hadn't spread.

“If we had come in a minute later it would have been a very different situation,” she said.

Some 700 fires are started by pets each year in America.

One dog needed oxygen after he was rescued from a blaze he started at his owner's house in Upstate New York. Authorities say he turned on the cooker and ignited some cardboard boxes.

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A Corgi named Yogi was also caught on camera causing an explosion.

He had chomped on a can of aerosol paint and fumes started leaking out. When the fumes came in contact with the pilot light under the stove, there was a huge blast.

At a home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a cat knocked over a candle and set the home a blaze.

Veterinarian Dr. Jeff Werber recommended to take the knobs off the stove. 

“Pets can actually start a fire that can burn down a home," Dr. Werber told INSIDE EDITION. “Never leave a room with your pets in the room and you out of the room. Under the sinks, we probably store things that we shouldn’t. Anything flammable should not be under the sink.”

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