Malls Get Ice Cold Reaction to Display That Features a Glacier Instead of Christmas Trees

Malls are taking down a glacier display featuring Santa Claus after online backlash.

Simon Malls issued an apology after it received backlash for a glacier display that featured Santa Claus - but no other holiday decorations - across its shopping centers.

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The displays, called “Glacier Experience,” were set up at malls across the country, including some in South Carolina and the Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island.

They didn’t have traditional holiday ornaments, such as a tree, lights or other ornaments. Instead, they featured Santa inside a glacier as a way to “modernize” the display and mall.

But shoppers weren't impressed. Some slammed the company for falling "into the trap of political correctness and sensitivity."

One shopper, Eric James Niclas, wrote on Facebook: "I will certainly not shop there this Christmas season. I would much rather take my hard earned money elsewhere."

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Shoppers even launched a petition - which had nearly 25,000 signatures by Monday - to express their frustration. There was even a reported boycott of the malls if the change did not happen. 



Mall President David Contis issued an apology about the displays and said they will be removed and replaced on Monday.

“It was a mistake, and we had to correct,” Contis said in a statement to the Charlotte Observer. “If we lose money, so be it.”

Contis added: “Not every one of our ideas works, but the majority do. This is an idea that could be changed easily.”

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