After Young Star Wars Fan Loses His Best Friend, Chewbacca Actor Sends Heartwarming Letter

Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew learned that a young 'Star Wars' fan lost a friend and wanted to comfort him.

Actor Peter Mayhew is known for playing the intimidating Star Wars character Chewbacca but outside the costume, he has a big heart.

After learning that a young Star Wars fan named Liam lost his best friend, seven-year-old Sam, in a sudden accident, Mayhew wanted to comfort the grieving boy.

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He sent a surprise letter of sympathy to Liam, who had hoped to see the Star Wars movie with Sam when it came out.

Sam’s father shared the letter to Reddit:

In an interview with Radio Times, the 71-year-old actor confirmed the letter was his and said: “Liam’s grandmother is a friend of my wife’s sister. My wife’s sister reached out to me with his story. I hope my words were of some comfort to him."

Sam’s sister explained on Reddit: “Sam was seven, and while he may have only been here for a short time in retrospect, he lived more than most adults I know. And boy, did he love Star Wars. The force was definitely strong with this one.

“One of his very good friends, Liam, promised to go see the new Star Wars movie with Sam on Christmas... And word of Sam's passing got back to Peter Mayhew.”

She also wrote: “It's amazing to see the support we have been given through this time. I know Sam would have loved to know that Chewy knows who he is.”

The news of Mayhew’s letter to a late Star War’s fan comes on the heels of the passing of Daniel Fleetwood, the 31-year-old who recently passed away from a rare form of cancer.

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Fleetwood’s dying wish was to see the latest chapter in the Star Wars series, The Force Awakens, before it opened and he was granted permission from Disney last week who screen the film for him.

Mayhew took to Twitter to express his sympathy for Fleetwood’s passing:

November 10, 2015


November 10, 2015

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