Cops: Former Butcher Cut Off Woman's Head, Had Sex With Her Corpse

A Welsh former butcher is being tried for allegedly strangling a woman he met in a pub, then chopping off her head.

A former butcher is being tried for allegedly strangling a woman he met in a pub, chopping her head off and having sex with her corpse, prosecutors said.

Tracey Woodford, 47, from Wales, had been drinking in a bar in April and left with Christopher May, 50, according to authorities.

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Not long after she was reported missing, Woodford’s body parts were found in May's apartment in Pontypridd, police said.

The woman’s head was found “displayed” on the ledge of a sewage drain about 500 feet away from the man’s flat, prosecutor Roger Thomas told a Cardiff Crown Court Wednesday, The Independent reported.

“One does have to consider what this involved: the defendant carrying a body part and a human head across Pontypridd and into a dark tunnel, walking for a 138 meters,” he said.

“It’s a very strange thing to have done.”

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A former colleague testified that May was a “very good” butcher proficient in deboning and trimming pieces of meat.

“It seems that his expertise in the butcher shop had been put to use on a human body,” the prosecutor said, according to the British paper.

May has acknowledged he caused Woodford’s death, but denies committing murder, authorities said.

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