Photogenic Baby Koala Poses For the Camera as She Celebrates Her First Birthday

Imogen, the adorable koala joey who stole hearts across the world, is celebrating her first year with a photo shoot.

To celebrate a koala joey's first birthday, the Symbio Wildlife Park in Australia set up an adorable photo shoot.

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As footage shows, baby Imogen munched on eucalyptus as she sat in a basket, and played with a stuffed animal while posing for the camera.

And if the youngster looks like a natural, it's because she's been caught on camera many times before.

Imogen stole the hearts of millions back in June when she poked her head out of her mom's pouch at the Symbio Wildlife Park.

Days later, the mother of an even smaller koala, Harry, passed away from leukemia - leaving her tiny baby orphaned.

After consulting with experts, the Wildlife Park decided to hand-rear Imogen and put Harry into Kelly’s pouch instead.

Symbio Wildlife Park curator Kylie Elliot and general manager Matt Radnidge put their lives on hold to look after Imogen - taking her everywhere with them.

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Elliot told INSIDE EDITION: "Hand raising Imogen has been the most challenging and rewarding thing we have ever achieved. It hasn’t been an easy journey raising a Joey with nocturnal habits and sharp claws - I definitely have a new respect for Koala mothers!"

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