After Reports 'Jihadi John' Has Been Killed, James Foley's Family Says: 'It Doesn't Give Us Solace'

U.S. forces carried out an airstrike in Syria on Thursday that targeted Mohammed Emwazi, also known as 'Jihadi John.'

Following reports that "Jihadi John" may have been killed in an airstrike, the family of one of his victims says the news does not give them comfort.

According to the Pentagon, U.S. forces carried out an airstrike in Syria on Thursday that targeted Mohammed Emwazi, who was dubbed "Jihadi John" after he beheaded multiple Western hostages in a series of sickening videos.

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A U.S. military source told the BBC there was a "high degree of certainty" the British militant had been killed in the airstrike.

James Foley, 40, was among his victims. The American journalist was confirmed dead after a video emerged in August 2014 showing his beheading.

After reports of his killer's death, Foley's parents, Diane and John, slammed "this huge effort to go after this deranged man filled with hate - when they can't make half that effort to save the hostages while these young Americans were still alive. It's unfortunate that the government doesn't get it."

They added: "They think it gives us solace, but it doesn't."

Emwazi also beheaded an American journalist, Steven Sotloff. After the news of Emwazi, Sotloff’s mother said: "If they got him great, but it doesn't bring my son back."

Louise Woodward-Styles, a friend of another victim, British aid worker Alan Henning, said the feeling was one of "just sadness."

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"It reminds you of the loss of Alan and just hoping it's closure for the family," she said, CNN reported. "But also I hope it reminds people that the issue of Syria is still ongoing, and not to forget the reasons why Alan was there. I'd like to encourage people to carry on his work and legacy."

Emwazi had taunted President Obama by name in horrific propaganda videos.

“I’m back Obama and I'm back because of your arrogant policies toward the Islamic State,” he said in one.

But Secretary of State John Kerry, who is in Tunis, said the strike was a message to ISIS, telling them: “Know this: your days are numbered and you will be defeated. There is no future.”

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